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Constituency Organisers

Postby ukdd » Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:49 pm

We're ready to appoint Constituency Organisers and accept anybody who would like to apply.

The requirements are as follows:

1. You agree with the principles of Direct Democracy.
2. You must be comfortable using your real name.
3. You must provide contact information to UKDD.
4. You are happy to organise for your constituency during an election period.
5. You can assemble a local committee of at least 2 people to hold the three basic roles of chairman, treasurer and secretary.
6. You must be strong on organisation and have basic ability to work online (i.e. use this website)
7. Currently no membership is on offer. Volunteering to help does not affect your membership of other organisations where dual-membership clauses exist.
8. You must understand that as a new movement, all conditions are open to change at any time without consultation or notice.

Accepting the role of Constituency Organiser does not prevent you taking on any other roles. Constituency Organisers can be candidates if we were to contest elections and County Organisers if willing.

Apply by private message to UKDD: Click the contact button at the right hand side of this post to send a private message. Explain which parliamentary constituency you'd like to organise for.

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